Dolphin Up v1.9.1 ios crash issues

May 11, 2016

Update: v1.9.2 is now live on the app store, and should resolve this problem.


I am currently looking into the crash bug on the new version of Dolphin Up on iOS. My apologies if this update has broken the game for you. I believe I have found the issue and will get a fix onto the app store as soon as possible. 

Dolphin Up v1.9 for Android & iOS

May 3, 2016

A new update for Dolphin Up is on the way to Google Play and the iOS App Store. The new version contains some of the content from the Wii U version of the game, as well as some bug fixes and UI improvements. The update is already going out onto Google Play, and the iOS version should be available soon(ish).

Dolphin Up on Steam Greenlight

Apr 22, 2016

Dolphin Up is now on Steam Greenlight! If you are on Steam, please check it out.

This is my first attempt at publishing a desktop game. Thanks to Monkey I already have a fairly solid desktop version of the game that is playable and mostly ready. It will be quite similar to the Wii U version, with some revisions and changes to the UI and (assuming the game gets greenlit) integration with the Steam API for leaderboards and achievements.

New Game: Viper League

Mar 21, 2016

Viper League is a local multiplayer snake arena combat game for 2-8 players. It was developed by myself and Justin Ray, with additional testing and support from Luke Pacholski, and crazy awesome music by Matt Creamer. It was heavily inspired by Towerfall, Tron, and Snake. The basic idea is you are a snake, and you have to out-live your opponents by not running into yourself, them, or the walls. There's also a small collection of power-ups you can use, including fireballs, grenades, and speed boosts.

In its current state, Viper League is sort of an early access build. We've put it up on as a browser game to test the waters and see what people think. If there appears to be interest we may try to further polish it and try to get it up on Steam or do some kind of console release. 

My responsibilities on this game were mostly of the programming variety, with Justin handling the artwork, level design, and sound fx. The game was built using the Monkey X programming language, along with the Playniax Ignition/Pyro framework, and the Tiled Map Editor for level design. 

New Game: 4 Dragons

Oct 30, 2015

I just recently finished off my submission for the Monkey-X 2015 NES game jam. The game is 4 Dragons, a simple classic NES style RPG, inspired by Dragon Quest / Warrior. The game is built at the original resolution of the NES, so 256x240. In other words, it's pretty tiny on your shiny 21st century monitor, so either zoom in with your browser or download the desktop version (Win or Mac) which run at double resolution (a titanic, IMAX worthy 512x480!).

This game was built on a very short time frame so it's not exactly overflowing with depth or bells & whistles. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out though, which is largely due to some awesome resources I found around the web (linked below). Be sure to check out the credits in the game as well (I tried to make them enjoyable to watch)!


Sound & Music