Dolphin vs. Gull

Aug 20, 2006

I'm filing this under 'features to add'.

Watch Dolphin vs. Gull. (Only a few seconds long)


Aug 18, 2006

(That's fancy-talk for 'shoot-em-up inspiration')

If you are at all involved in the business of designing hyper-dimensional flying fortresses (for games, animation, world domination, what have you), you may enjoy a visit to Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions, a database of spaceship pics from all over the sci-fi spectrum. While the huge number of ships he's got up there is impressive, the real kicker is that they are shown side by side at relative scale. Very cool stuff!

Dolphin Olympics Reviewed

Aug 16, 2006

There's a nice review of Dolphin Olympics by John Bardinelli over at Excerpt:

“Dolphin Olympics is a game I've found I keep coming back to play for weeks on end. Its simple, one-handed controls fit the game perfectly and there's no learning curve to bother with. Just fire up the game, do some tricks and call it a day.

“Although the driving force behind Dolphin Olympics is getting a better score, I've found the little micro-bonuses urge me to keep playing more than anything…”

Check it out!

Dolphin Olympics v1.9 released

Aug 14, 2006

The Dolphin Olympics has been updated with the following features:

Enhanced scoreboard – Player's can track their own personal scores, and the game now records individual records for a variety of things (longest jump, biggest splash, etc.) Revised menu structure Minor performance enhancements Give it a shot!