Dolphin Olympics 3 Million score video

Aug 30, 2006

Update – As mentioned in the comments on this post, there is now an 11 million video available. I am constantly amazed at the skill of all of you Dolphin Olympics players. I can barely crack 2 million myself most of the time

rssurvivor has posted a video of a 3 million point run in Dolphin Olympics. If you're curious about some of the techniques you can use to get a better score, check it out.

Dolphin Olympics back online

Aug 29, 2006

A quick apology to everyone who has been trying to access Dolphin Olympics. I have been travelling for the past few days and was not aware that it was broken. It is back online again. Thank you to everyone who wrote in letting me know about the problem.

IE 7 final features and fixes

Aug 23, 2006

The developers of IE 7 have posted details on their CSS changes for IE7.

PNG transparency? Hover on all elements? Min/max width/height? All but one of the bugs on fixed?

It's like Christmas for web designers.

IE 7 to be pushed through ‘Auto Update’

Aug 21, 2006

Microsoft is going to be pushing Internet Explorer 7 out as a 'high priority update' via Windows Auto Updater

IE 7 will be delivered in the fourth quarter as a “high priority” update via Automatic Updates in Windows XP, Gary Schare, Microsoft's director of IE product management, said in an interview Tuesday…

“The justification, of course, is the significant security enhancements in IE 7,” Schare said…”

Read the Full article here

Not exactly breaking news, but good news nonetheless.

Setting up FlashDevelop with Actionscript 3

Aug 21, 2006

Keith Peters has done up a tutorial on putting together an Actionscript 3 development environment using Flashdevelop, the Flex 2 SDK, and a variety of plugins/tools. It does take a bit of work to set up, but if you are looking for an alternative to using Flex Builder 2 or the command line for learning/working with as3, it's a great alternative and definitely worth the effort.