Claw of doom

Oct 22, 2006

Something is wrong with my mouse hand. I don't think it's carpal tunnel; I've heard that 'tingles'. This isn't tingling. It's aching. There was actually a bruise on the inside of my thumb. No doubt having a full-time desk job, along with moonlighting on game work is at the root of this tragedy. The flood of new videogames coming out right now isn't helping either.

Hurry up with the cybernetic hand already!

Definitely not hacked

Sep 12, 2006

It turns out the problems with the scoreboard and page access in Dolphin Olympics were/are due to issues with my hosting provider. I hope to have them resolved soon.

Dolphin Olympics ...hacked?

Sep 7, 2006

Update: All fixed. The high scores should be working again.

Somehow the game was taken offline again by someone or something other than myself. The high score chart access is also malfunctioning. I am looking into the cause; in the meantime I have uploaded a backup copy of the game. You should be able to play but unable to submit scores to the high score database.

Multiplier bug fixed

Sep 6, 2006

Thanks to everyone who wrote in to let me know about the multiplier bug in Dolphin Olympics. It was officially squashed yesterday evening.