New Game: 4 Dragons

Oct 30, 2015

I just recently finished off my submission for the Monkey-X 2015 NES game jam. The game is 4 Dragons, a simple classic NES style RPG, inspired by Dragon Quest / Warrior. The game is built at the original resolution of the NES, so 256x240. In other words, it's pretty tiny on your shiny 21st century monitor, so either zoom in with your browser or download the desktop version (Win or Mac) which run at double resolution (a titanic, IMAX worthy 512x480!).

This game was built on a very short time frame so it's not exactly overflowing with depth or bells & whistles. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out though, which is largely due to some awesome resources I found around the web (linked below). Be sure to check out the credits in the game as well (I tried to make them enjoyable to watch)!


Sound & Music