My-Escape / Critter Cubes

Feb 4, 2011

COUGH…is this thing still on? I can't believe I haven't updated in 3 years. I'm tempted to write about how I will definitely start updating it more regularly, but I know that's probably not going to happen. With my track record my next update will slide in sometime in 2016.

Anyways, though the website has been laying dormant, I have been busy with life and work. On the games front, for the past 6 months I have been working with the game design group My Escape, a great bunch of folks from all over the world who have come together to build killer flash games. So far we've done one, called Critter Cubes, a game about evacuating frozen animals from a zoo in Antarctica. The game taught me many things, such as the power and challenges of the great Box2D, and the relative difficulty of crabs. I encourage you to play the game!

I am not currently doing any development on the next game from the group, as I am currently running in standby/support mode while I get ready for the arrival of my first child. However I do plan to stay busy this year and put out some new games. So there you go, three years of updates in one post. That wasn't so bad, was it?