Dolphin Up v1.7 on the way

Feb 18, 2014

Dolphin Up v1.7 is slowly accelerating towards your mobile device. The iOS version is currently under review by Apple, while he Android version is going live and may already be available on your device. This is a relatively large update. Changes include:

  • Completely re-done user interface with larger buttons and full-screen menus. I have been meaning to do this for quite awhile and finally bit the bullet and went through with it. Hopefully it makes the game easier to navigate for you.
  • Added a "Quick Play" button to the title screen. You can now start playing right away without choosing any options. The game will automatically fire up a game with the options you selected last time you played.
  • Online scoreboards now show the top 100 scores instead of just the top 10. You can view additional scores by swiping the scoreboard listing downward (or is it upwards?). Local scores are currently still limited to 10.
  • On Android, improved support for tablets and larger screens. Graphics in the game should look pretty decent now on everything up to a Nexus 10 (2560-by-1600), though unfortunately I don't have one of those here to test with.
  • Other minor bug fixes and tweaks, primarily to the scoreboard.
  • In somewhat less happy news, Santa Dolphin has left the game until December. But cheer up, now that I have this whole "adding holiday themed Dolphins" thing figured out, you may just see more of them throughout the year!

I will update on Facebook and Twitter once the update on iOS is officially live. I also have some bigger news about the game on the way, but wanted to get this update out and done before posting about it. Stay tuned!