Dolphin Up v1.4 now live on Steam

May 19, 2017

I've just launched another update to Dolphin Up. Full details on the update are here.

The big star of the show is the Linux version. I'm a Linux user myself so I'm really excited to get this version out the door. I expect I might be the only Linux user to play Dolphin Up, but even if that's the case, it was still a lot of fun getting the game up and running. Like most things on Linux, it was a learning experience, involving all kinds of fun stuff.

Getting the game going on Linux was probably on par with the Mac version as far as time and difficulty went. Things on the Steam side were a little bit harder, but compiling/building the game was somewhat more straightforward. I still find XCode overwhelming; on Linux, most of my time was spent learning about makefiles.

I also found a few bugs, and implemented some UI changes in the game. The game is in a good spot now as far as cross platform development goes. I think rolling out updates to all three OSes in the future should be pretty straightforward.