Dolphin Up Steam Update

Apr 4, 2017

Dolphin Up was greenlit on Steam way back in September, so I figured it was time for an update on what's happening with it. The game is now in a beta testing phase and will hopefully be ready soon. I'm going to start with the Windows version, and then the OS X and Linux versions will follow after that, provided I don't hit any major snags.

So far I've made the following changes to the game:

  1. Increased the framerate from 30fps to 60fps
    I've struggled with getting this right for awhile but I think I've got it nailed down. The whole game feels a lot smoother; going back to the old 30fps version feels really awkward now.
  2. Added a soundtrack
    I never felt like Dolphin Olympics and Dolphin Up needed music. They were always being played on a desktop browser or phone, where the player usually has access to their own music library. On the Wii U though, that wasn't the case, and the game was fairly criticized for it. Though I would peg the steam version closer to the browser version as far as player environment goes (in the the player has access to a music library), they may also be playing in big picture mode, or just not want to have to bother with loading up their own music, so I went ahead with adding music to the game.
  3. Steam API
    I have integrated the achievements and leaderboards with Steam. It also has the score chasing feature of the Wii U version, where you can see the next friend score above you on the leaderboard and try to beat it.

Those are the big changes. I've also tweaked the interface to better accommodate the keyboard and gamepad controls.

As far as the release date goes, if the beta testing phase goes ok, I expect I'll have the game out in a month or two. I will post another update once I have a firm release date set.