38 million point video

Aug 7, 2007

Update: The video is now also viewable in-game, under 'How to Play', on the 4th page.

I've recorded and posted 38 million point run in Dolphin Olympics 2. This is the first time I've done a video on youtube so the quality is a little low, but hopefully the maneuvers are clear enough. I was lucky on this run in that I started right on an extension, but I don't think that had a massive impact on the final score. You can see the big boost to the points comes from getting to the really high planets, and mixing up a lot of tricks to get your multiplier as high as possible.

This wasn't a perfect run either, so there's lots of room for improvement (which is reflected on the high score chart; I didn't come close to placing top 10). There's more stuff to get to in space, and I didn't finish with a big tailslide or starslide, which can help a lot. Recorded with Camstudio